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Dragon Fruit or Pitahaya has been used in skincare for centuries. Originally from South America, now almost everywhere including far East – like China, Vietnam and Thailand. It has a good amount of skincare benefits:

  • Say goodbye to acne-prone skin. Dragon fruit is shielded with phytonutrients, minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins (like C and E). Phytonutrients are healthy chemical produced by plants. They have antioxidant and anti- inflammatory benefits for skin. As a good source of fatty acids, dragon fruit helps with keeping skin healthy and clean. Mineral and vitamin C, on the other hand, nourish skin and boost its health level.

  • More hydration? Yes, please… then all you need is a dragon fruit. Dragon fruit’s juicy texture gives that vibe in tummy, but what about skin? Here is the truth: it definitely helps with dry skin, preventing premature ageing and minimising break outs. The best would be to pick dragon fruit cleanser, serum or apply a moisturiser after well picked serum.


  • It’s a natural anti-ageing. If you think about using natural products in a skincare routine, feel free to stat with a dragon fruit one - one of the best options.


  • It’s a source of skin and heart happiness. No pink can have any bad inside. Starting with its colour, juicy texture and smell could even be enough to FEEL COOL and GOOD. And these good pros on skin? Obviously, they make it even more lovely and sympathetic.


  • Dragon fruit as a natural antioxidant - can make you feel like a unicorn on rainbow. So, after picking a list of goods in it – it’s time to be star and shine.
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