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Happy Skin, Happy Mind

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Natural & Vegan

No fillers, no parabens, no nonsense. Only good natural and vegan skincare ingredients, preservatives and some fragrance. Made in small batches in Spain.

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Effective Skincare

Proven and researched anti-ageing and skin nurturing ingredients that will actually make difference on your skin.

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Supports Charity

Shop with good concious, do good choices, we try to do them too.

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Our Products

“Why wouldn't we do the best natural, vegan skincare products that uplift people”

Our product philosophy is simple, natural effective ingredients that really work on your skin and that are researched and proven to work.

Our Story

When 2020 happened, no one would know how it would change our lives forever. It literally made us stop and think about our lives and what we are doing with it.

This happened to us and Vegan by Happy Skin was created, we didn't only want people to get better products - natural, vegan and really effective we also wanted the products uplift people's lives by bright colours and overall good attitude.

We didn't want this to be only superficial, but also affect people that is why work with mental health charities.

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Our Charity Work

Why did we chose mental health? These is many reasons, but one was that most of us in our lifetime will go through difficult times and asking for help is difficult. We want to make sure everyone has possibility to ask for help.

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