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How the Original Skin Essence Toner took over the world

How the Original Skin Essence Toner took over the world

It’s time we formally introduce you to our skincare product that took over the world Original Skin Essence Toner! This one-of-a-kind treatment product takes your skincare routine to the next level by adding hydration, soothing the skin and bringing antioxidants to your daily skin care regime. 

What is essence toner?

Toners are traditionally more thought of as an astringent, pH balancing and clarifying step. For many people this has been their second skincare step after cleansing. Your average toner could be too drying for your skin and rather than soothing the skin after cleansing it might dry it even more with alcohol. Essences in the other hand are liquid treatments that efficiently infuse the skin with hydration and/or anti-aging actives and have a lightweight texture that is great for layering. 

Secret ingredients

The Vegan by Happy Skin Original Skin Essence Toner has been a fan-favorite in the beauty world for some time now. It combines the effects of your toner and skin treatment of an essence with it's natural ingredients. This little skincare potion is vegan and seriously works on soothing and nourishing your skin with triple calming action from Chamomile, Calendula and Aloe Vera. Also containing skin moisturising glycerin and castor oil.

A lot of people have been able to test the product through beauty boxes like IPSY, ABIBY, OK BEAUTYBOX, LITTLEFAWNBOX and more. With Over 13,709 reviews with average of 4,5 star rating this skincare gem is one to test out.

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