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We all know avocado is incredibly nutritious and has those healthy fatty acids, so good for our heart. It is said that people who eat avocados tend to be healthier, but could the people who use avocado oil have better skin? 

The answer is yes

Apart from the fatty acids, it's fleshy pulp is abundant in antioxidants (vitamin E), vitamins (A,B,C and D), and minerals (iron and magnesium). That is why it has been widely incorporated in creams, moisturisers, masks, and hair products. It is super beneficial for us, humans, in all senses. 

To experience the benefits of avocado oil to the max though, it is better to choose products that are natural and minimally processed, but let’s see what benefits are these exactly first: 

  • It turns dry, chapped skin into a well-nourished, moisturised, and elastic one. These are the antioxidants and fatty acids working: hydrating the skin and treating conditions like eczema and psoriasis. However, a test should be carried out first, by putting the product on a patch of skin, to ensure that the oil doesn’t trigger or aggravate the symptoms.

  • It moisturises and protects your skin from sun damage. Again, the antioxidants help to ease the symptoms of sunburn, while  the vitamin E, beta carotene, vitamin D, protein, lecithin, and essential fatty acids soothe and heal the skin.  

  • It might speed up wound healing. The wonderful fatty acids reduce inflammation during the healing process and along with the oleic acid they promote collagen synthesis, which basically creates new connective tissue. 

  • It can even be applied to the nails to soften and heal the dryness and in that way reduce breakage. Nails also need hydration! 

        Overall, avocado oil will suit the best people who have dry skin or chapped. It is really rare for avocado oil to cause negative side effects when applied topically, unless you suffer from a preexisting skin allergy to it. 

        So we think this would be the perfect ingredient to protect your skin this winter. Go and have a look at how we implemented it into our products and get yourself some avocado love! 

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